Cognitive Science Student Association (CSSA)

The Cognitive Science Student Association (CSSA) supports the academic and professional endeavors of students involved in Cognitive Science at UC Davis.

As UC Davis’s only Cognitive Science community, CSSA aims to empower students by: Defining the field of Cognitive Science and what it means to be involved in the major, introducing students to the various fields and career paths in Cognitive Science, and facilitating connections between students and alumni/faculty/professionals in the field.

Most importantly, students of this community can interact and gain knowledge from each other's diverse experiences in this new and rapidly growing field.

Club Activities Include:

  • Hands-on learning workshops from students and faculty on Cognitive Science topics
  • Group projects led by students and faculty
  • Open group discussions on various topics ranging from ‘Ethics of AI’ to ‘What classes should I take next quarter?’
  • Guest speakers and panel events from UC Davis faculty and professionals in the field
  • Networking events with peers, alumni, and faculty
  • Social events to meet and connect with other students


Membership is open to students of all majors. Cognitive Science is an interdisciplinary field covering topics such as Psychology, Neuroscience, Computer Science, Linguistics, Philosophy, Design, Neurotechnology, Data Science, Anthropology, and more and we encourage students of any major to join.

Find our socials and updates here:


CSSA Board Members:

  • Maitri Khanna
  • Amy Lee
  • Nava Babaei
  • Mrinalini Singh
  • Anisha Dhakal
  • Ayaka Okada
  • Ayaat Quazi
  • Julia Alberto
  • Mirabella Hofland
  • Sebastian Lopez
  • Kelsey Sennett
  • Ashley Jong
  • Gillian Seguerre
  • Nandini Sharma
  • Eliana Ertsey.


2022-23 cognitive science club officers
From left to right: Nava Babaei, Maitri Khanna, Amy Lee, Mrinalini Singh