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The UCD Cognitive Science Club

For those interested in looking for a career in scientific research, education, technology, medicine, counseling, programming, law, or business; or those looking to become active in a friendly academic community discussing the optimization of cognitive faculties including learning, decision making, problem solving, memory, and attention: Check out the Cognitive Science Club (CSC). This is an excellent opportunity for those interested in engaging their studies further.

Activities will include:
- Brain experimentation with EEG wearable technology
- Conferences and events every quarter featuring leading researchers in the field
- Weekly discussions regarding theories and applications
- Guest speakers and student presentations
- Collaborative and independent projects
- A bridge for undergraduate research opportunities for graduate school and/or employment
- Publish your work on "Explorations: The UC Davis Undergraduate Research Journal" 
Visit the Cognitive Science Club website for more information!

Cognitive Science Group

The UC Davis cognitive science group currently consists of current and graduated cognitive science individual majors, interested students from related departments, and supporting faculty.

Guest Lectures

Please contact us if you or someone you know might like to provide a guest lecture to the group on any topic involved in cognitive science.