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The UCD Cognitive Science Club

For those interested in looking for a career in scientific research, education, technology, medicine, counseling, programming, law, or business; or those looking to become active in a friendly academic community discussing the optimization of cognitive faculties including learning, decision making, problem solving, memory, and attention: Check out the Cognitive Science Club (CSC). This is an excellent opportunity for those interested in engaging their studies further.



Cognitive Science Club Officers 

2019-2020 Club Officers  

Contact info TBD for 2021-22

Activities will include:

- Brain experimentation with EEG wearable technology
- Conferences and events every quarter featuring leading researchers in the field
- Weekly discussions regarding theories and applications
- Guest speakers and student presentations
- Collaborative and independent projects
- A bridge for undergraduate research opportunities for graduate school and/or employment
- Publish your work on "Explorations: The UC Davis Undergraduate Research Journal"